Quality furniture is built with hardwood frames but also uses proven methods of construction.  Quality upholstery uses corner blocks and dowelled, screwed joints.  Interior corners on a quality piece have triangular blocks that connect across the corners of it for added strength.

These blocks are often glued and screwed into the frame.  Its important to note that glue on a frame is not “bad”.  In fact, most high-quality furniture uses glued dowels in the construction meaning that a small rounded peg is used to connect the varies pieces of wood.  It will be glued into the frame which will expand the dowel and make the piece even stronger. 

Cheap furniture has none of these things.  It is often made of plywood and will be simply screwed together.  Just like your car what you see under the hood makes all the difference.  All our frames at Mister Robert are high quality and the pieces you buy from us are built to last.

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