Spring down cushions are found in many items in our store.  Why? Because we believe spring-down cushions offer the perfect balance between the comfort of down and the convenience of foam. 

Spring down cushions provide an exceptionally soft seat because they contain a combination of down feathers and coiled springs wrapped in fiber.  If you don’t know, down feathers are the soft under-feathers of a bird, and unlike exterior feathers, down offers an exceptionally soft feel, which is why it has been used in pillows and seating for centuries. 

What makes spring-down different is that it keeps its shape.  The springs inside the cushion keep you from having to fluff your sofa cushions after each time someone sits on it.  Spring-down gives you the softness of down with the shape of foam.  Quality spring down cushions are wrapped in a down proof cover or ticking to keep the feathers from pushing through the upholstery.  Spring down cushions can be ordered in a variety firm-nesses as well and while most companies offer these cushions they can differ in their firmness.  The best way to best way to know if you like a cushion is to sit on it.