Whether it is a new sofa, a chair, leather or fabric all homes contain upholstered furniture.  We at Mister Robert understand that not all furniture is built alike.  We see ads for furniture stores selling sofas at incredibly cheap prices.  We all know that while the price may be appealing, its quality is poor.  

At Mister Robert, we offer fine furniture, built to last.  We’re offering our customers an explanation of how upholstered furniture is made so that you can become an educated consumer.  You’ll learn why we only carry quality manufacturers who make pieces we would bring into our own homes.  We search the market to bring you the highest quality furnishings at the best price.  

In an era of disposable furniture, we encourage our customers to understand the value and quality of the items we sell.   We’ll be adding information on frames, cushions, suspension, and fabric in the weeks to come.  Keep following us and you’ll see why at Mister Robert “fine furniture” is in our name.