Ads for furniture often feature a host of fabrics all espoused to provide low cost durability. There are a number of common fabrics used in furniture that could be either blended with a natural fiber or used exclusively on its own.

Acetate was once a very popular imitation silk, but it has fallen from favor because it offers poor resistance to soiling, wear, and fade.

Acrylic was developed as imitation wool. It is good in its resistance to soiling and fading.

Nylon is frequently blended with other fibers. It offers incredible strength and resilience. It can fade but is highly resistant to soiling.

Polyester, like nylon is rarely used alone in furniture. You will often find it blended with wool or other fabrics. It is wrinkle resistant and soil resistant.

Rayon, like acetate, was developed as an imitation silk and/or linen. It is very durable, but it can wrinkle easily. It may also be blended with natural fibers in some fabrics.