When you walk into a furniture store the covering on the furniture is what you see. Whether it’s leather or fabric the first thing to know is that all upholstery is not the same. While the “grade” of the fabric or leather may have nothing to do with its durability it can have something to do with its price. Fabrics are often priced on three components – Its rarity, quality, and durability. It will also often have a rating as to its cleanability and resistance to soiling and fading. It may also be graded by its “thread count” which refers to the number of threads per square inch.

For example, while silk will be expensive and high-quality, it’s not exceptionally durable. Burlap would be highly durable, but extremely uncomfortable. When making your selections at Mister Robert we can help you select just the right fabric or leather for your needs.

Many customers are completely unaware that our manufacturers provide them with an array of possible fabrics from which they choose to cover their furniture. Can’t find what you’re looking for from them? No problem! We have a number of fabric companies from which we can order just the right look for your home.