Nothing sleeps like down.  These inner feathers give cushions a plush feel and for that reason, they are sometimes called “down plush”.  This is clearly the softest type of cushion on the market.  Usually, it comes with a thin layer of foam and a thick layer of down and of course down-proof ticking to avoid the feathers poking through the fabric. 

Quality down filled cushions feel and act like a feather pillow you might have on your bed.  If you sleep on down pillows you know that each morning you have to fluff them in order to have them keep their shape.  The same is generally true with down cushions on upholstery furniture.  This is one reason that completely plush down cushions are not always preferred by people.  Each time someone sits on the sofa the cushion will form comfortably around them, but it will not reshape itself when they arise. 

The bottom line on cushions, you get what you pay for.  We believe that skimping on cushions is just like skimping on a good mattress.  It’s never a good idea.